SG1 - Jack & the Gate

Moving Journals

New Journal for my graphics, resources and artwork:


I will be keeping this Journal open as an archive, but comments will be disabled. I will copy most of the graphics and art posts over to the new one though.

Please come by and check it out and feel free to 'watch' for updates.
SG1 - Jack & the Gate


It has been not fun these past 6 months without a computer, but I am back! Our income tax refund came in and I got a shiny new laptop! Very soon I will be installing my photoshop and making shiny new icons and wallpapers! *does happy dance*
SG1 - Jack & the Gate

Bandwidth problem

Unfortunately as of right now my icons will not be available until November 21, which is when my bandwidth will be restored.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience.
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SG1 - Jack & the Gate

Come visite my community Icon Textures!

My community, icon_textures, has gone through a bunch of updating with a couple of new mods and a face-lift with a beautiful new layout by a very talented layout designer and a very thorough Tags list. Come on over and let me know what you think and why not take the button (just copy and paste!) and tell your icon/graphics making friends about us!